Bernard Kokenge To Grace Lowman
11/07/37 Grace Lutheran Church - high school sweethearts who did everything together, including opening the old Knot Hole restaurant.  they ran it until Bernard lost his sight.

Joyce Young To Ted Hoffman
12/20/57  Grace Lutheran Church. Started Dating Steady On Joyce's 16th Birthday And Were Married On Her 18th Birthday.
Betty Haemmerle To Ercell Phillips
7/3/99 Dayton  Beautiful garden wedding-tents, arch and home grown flowers.  Most importantly, wonderful friends and family participated in the planning, preparation, ceremony and very enjoyable day.

Phillip D Howard to Marian Hussey '67

Karl Burrus to Linda Brown 
6/10/67   Ft.Lauderdale, FL
Michael Meyer To Rebecca Edmundson '70
11/19/83 West Carrollton Methodist Church

Penny Cooper Meckstroth To Joe Gavin
7/7/01  Dayton, OH
Mary Hodson To Stephen Richart
5/20/67 Central Presb  Moraine, OH

Diane Hampton To Paul Shackleford
9/7/68  Camden, OH

Marian Hussey To Phillip D Howard '60
Ruth Gaskill To Ronald Kay
12/17/67  West Carrollton.  They are now together forever.

Vince "Buggs" Faulkner to Lynn Twigg '73
9/1/73 West Carrollton
Darrell Christopher To Sandy Leeds
2/16/80 Dayton, OH

Tom Langford To Connie Collins '70
6/5/70  West Carrollton
Richard Hoffman To Rhonda Clark
6/27/92 Morristown, NJ   Now living outside DC with 5 children & 6 grandchildren
Darlene Pryor To Gary Maxwell
6/20/70  Dayton, Oh
Billy Kidd To Teresa Swank '77
8/6/86 Moraine, OH

Connie Collins To Tom Langford '69
6/5/70  West Carrollton
Rebecca Edmundson To Michael Meyer '64
11/19/83 West Carrollton Methodist Church
Don Ullery To Diane Kokenge '71
11/23/70  Grace Lutheran Church  small wedding -celebrating 40 years of marriage
Bruce Marcum To Sharon Rose '71
3/22/75  Dayton, OH
Stephen Cartwright To Carolyn Ward '72
2/25/78  Dayton, OH

Diane Kokenge To Don Ullery '70
11/23/70  Grace Lutheran Church  small wedding -celebrating 40 years of marriage
Sharon Rose To Bruce Marcum '70
3/22/75  Dayton, OH

Jani Heck To Bill Wanzer '73
12/1/73 Zion Memorial Moraine 2 wonderful children
Don Mottley To Marianne White
1/26/08 Columbus, OH
Patricia Sims To Robert Hasty '74
10/23/76  Memorial UMC West Carrollton
Mike Kerr To Mel Barhorst '75
5/11/74 St Henry Church Miami Twnshp

Vickie Elliot To Ben Ybarra
7/4/2001  Gatlinburg, TN  Groom from Chicago with a daughter Shauney Lynn and bride has a daughter Tracy Marie, son Brandon Robert and grandson Jay.
Bill Wanzer To Jani Heck '72
12/1/73 Zion Memorial Moraine 2 wonderful children
John Chambers To Sheryl Eichinger
9/20/86 - Centerville, OH Living in Texas for 17 yrs.
Lynn Twigg To Vince "Buggs" Faulkner '68
9/1/73 West Carrollton - Who said it wouldn't last.  Its been the best and happiest years of my life
Keith Langford To Donna Krisko
5/18/74  West Carrollton
Gerri Jo Smith To Charles Trudell
Debbie Maxon To Mark Smith
Robin & Bobby Cornett
1/14/90  Springfield, OH
Jeff Sanner To Leigh Winstead '82
8/15/87 Judson Baptist, WC

Kim Bach '78 To Lee Standafer
10/28/83 Moraine
Nancy Reynolds '77 To Warren Sumner
1/23/82 Miami Shores Baptist  - 2 Children
David Elliott To Sheryl Calvert
9/24/76  Springfield, TN
Greg Garrett To Leslie Medlock '79
6/29/85  Kettering
Gene Colon To Tammy Tilton '81
7/17/82  Dayton
Robert Hasty To Patricia Sims '72
10/23/76  Memorial UMC West Carrollton

David Spicer To Connie Dexter '78
3/16/2001 Central Church-Moraine
Jeffrey A Sizer To Sharlene N Merker '77
3/7/94  Ormond Beach, FL  married by friend of bride's mother, Shirley Tudor '60.  Groom's father-Gary Sizer '59
Candy Jones To Ricky Faulkner '76
8/14/76 West Carrollton
Marsha Sexton To Joe Sparks
7/31/76  Kettering, OH
Bob Estepp To Donna Freeman '77
4/28/79  Miamisburg  and still in love
Trent Pinnick To Debbie Johnson '76
7/16/77  West Carrollton Still in Love 37 years
Mel Barhorst  To Mike Kerr '72
5/11/74 St Henry Church Miami Twnshp

Dana Whitehair To Serena Elam
7/19/99 Austin, TX
John M Reed To Anita Vick
6/1/79 Orlando FL
John M Reed To Vivien Lee
7/11/97 Anchorage, AK
J Kevin Beardsley To Cheryl Zimmerman
6/26/82  Akron, OH
Jamie Hurley To James Cole '77
Miamisburg, Ohio
Ricky Faulkner to Candy Jone '75
8/14/76  West Carrollton
Elaine Blackwell To Gary Ebersole
10/25/80 Msbg Churh of Christ  Going strong after 28yrs
Debbie Johnson '76 To Trent Pinnick '75
7/16/77  West Carrollton Still in Love 37 years

Tim Williams To Terri McLaughlin
12/27/75  West Carrollton
Nancy Reynolds To Warren Sumner '74
1/23/82 Miami Shores Baptist  - 2 Children
Gary Link To Ruthanne Stone '78
12/16/78  Miamisburg
James Cole To Jamie Hurley '76
Miamisbug, Ohio
Sharlene N. Merker  To Jeffrey A Sizer '75
3/7/94  Ormond Beach, FL  married by friend of bride's mother, Shirley Tudor '60.  Grooms father-Gary Sizer '59
David Adolf Huf To Kimberly Napier '78
8/1/07 Middletown, OH I David have loved you forever Kim my dear first and only love
Donna Freeman To Bob Estepp '75
4/28/79  Miamisburg  and still in love
David Huf To Deborah Williams '80
08/01/84 California congrats on new vows
Teresa Swank To Billy Kidd '69
8/6/86 Moraine, OH

Kim Bach To Lee Standafer '74
10/28/83 Moraine
Ruthanne Stone To Gary Link '77
12/16/78  Miamisburg
Connie Dexter to David Spicer  '75
3/16/01 Central Church-Moraine
Cynthia "Cis" Ferguson To Robert Burris
3/23/02  Wedding Chapel by the Sea -Myrtle Beach,SC
"happiest day of my life"
Leeann Wicker To Theodore Russell '82
12/18/82 Miamisburg, OH
Kimberly Napier To David Huf '77
8/1/07 Middletown, OH
Sonja Key To Michael Ransdell
10/27/00  Huber Heights, OH
Marlene Mattingly To David Click
5/19/79  Central Presbyterian-Dayton by Rev BobMcQuilken with family and friends present

Jeff Spencer To Tonya Allred '80
2/15/86 West Carrollton
Sharon Ogletree To Douglas Booth
11/7/81  Miamisburg
Donna Brock To Keith Strong
6/16/90  Immanuel Baptist - Hamilton, OH
Caroline Isaac To George McCulley
7/4/96 Moraine Rachel(Geo's daughter) & Sara(Caroline's daughter) stood up with them
Ronald Whitman To Kathy Keith
2/2/85 St Patricks Toledo, OH We married on Ground Hogs day to help me remember our anniversary, transfered to Venice, FL - 2 yr  honeymoon.  Eventually made it to Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Love is still strong with out two girls Nicole and Alyssa.
Leslie Medlock To Greg Garrett '74
6/29/85  Kettering
Mollie Hicks To Donald Jacques
10/08/82  Carrilon Park - Dayton, OH
Mollie Hicks To Daniel Buckholtz
11/10/12 Dayton, OH

Tonya Allred to Jeff Spencer '79
2/15/86 West Carrollton
Mike Fleenor To Careen Morgan
Jeff Pierce To Debbie Clark '81
9/11/82  Dayton, OH
Deborah Williams To David Huf '77
08/01/84 California congrats on new vows

Carla Eby To Steve Isaac '83
4/27/96  Miamisburg
Sarah Brewer '84 To Adolph Woss
3/20/93 West Carrollton
Richard Fleenor To Matha Ragan
5/12/84 Cumberland College Williamsburg, KY
Philip HagemanTo Cindy Key '83
7/23/83  First Baptist Church WC
Tammy Tilton To Gene Colon '74
7/17/82 Dayton
Debbie Clark To Jeff Pierce '80
9/11/82 Dayton, OH
Debbie Clark To Ken White
7/11/92 Germantown, OH
Joan Clark To Denny Davis
1/7/11  Sombrero Beach  Florida Keys
Celeste Zimmer To Gerald Hoerner
11/20/82 Oakwood, OH

Keith Wright To Lori Garrett '83
7/21/84 West Carrollton
Melissa Yancey To Carl Enterman
10/6/84  West Carrollton
Ronna Hanayik To Robert Tilley
6/26/87  Englewood, OH
Cheryl Cornett To Steven Setty
5/27/83 West Carrollton--21 yrs and counting
Leigh Winstead To Jeff Sanner '73
8/15/87Judson Baptist, WC
Alison Brenner To Thomas Beardsley '83
Theodore Russell To Leeann Wicker '78
12/18/82  Miamisburg, OH
Mark Owens To Mary Jayoung Choi
10/01/15 Las Vegas, NV

Kellie Jonas To Robert Praydis
1/4/87  Homestead, FL  Met in the Navy there.
Steve Isaac To Carla Eby '81
4/27/96  Miamisburg
Lori Garrett To Keith Wright '82
7/21/84 West Carrollton
Cheryl Hunn To Jeffrey Froman
4/3/99  Immanuel UMC Lakeside Park, KY
(enjoying life in upstate SC with Jeff's daughter Georgia
Chris Evans To Regina Underwood
10/24/87  Middletown, OH
Cindy Key To Philip Hageman '81
7/23/83 First Baptist Church WC
Pam Napier To Doug Talmage '84
5/6/89  West Carrollton
Thomas Beardsley To Alison Brenner '82
James Jordan To Debbie Stidham '87
02/15/97  Tennessee

Sarah Brewer To Adolph Woss '81
3/20/93 West Carrollton
Pam Neal To Robert Knedler '85
6/29/85 West Carrollton  "still going strong 18yrs"
David (Tony) Thacker To Patricia Benish
5/18/91 Holy Spirit Church Forestville, MD
Curt Jackowski To Val Jackson '86
6/17/89  West Carrollton
Doug Talmage To Pam Napier
5/6/89  West Carrollton
Jamie Kaltenbach To Libby Carnes
12/2/87  Westerville, OH
Jamie Kaltenback To Luanne Harris
1993  Chattanooga, TN
Jamie Kaltenbach To Kelli Morris
12/31/99  Dayton, OH
Stacie Wood To John Bowman
9/10/88 West Carrollton -"best thing I've ever done"
Wade Campbell to Darlene Leeth
9/21/91  Brookville, OH

Robert Knedler To Pam Neal '84
6/29/85 West Carrollon
Steve Wittman To Missy Caton '88
12/04/92 Miamisburg
Jeff Sizer To Sharlene Merker '87
Mindy West To  Kirk Christian
10/24/92  Vandalia, OH 
Melissa Barnes To Robert Zimmer '88
10/29/93  Miamisburg, OH
Jacqui Martin To Richard Human
5/26/98 Miamisburg, OH
Melinda Bloom To Steven Collins
6/20/92 Moraine, Oh

Jessica Aregood '94 To Mitch Smith
2/17/96  West Carrollton
Lesley Ingram '96 To Kent Owens
11/29/96 Gatlinburg, TN
Melissa Gephart To Dave Moody
10/4/97 Kettering
Jeff Andrews To Wendy Fields '89
10/5/96 Gatlinburg, TN
Chris Page To Lara McKinley '89
6/10/95 Dayton-St Henry
Dennis Pyles To Brigette Byrd
2/20/93  Eaton, OH
Val Jackson To Curt Jackowski '84
6/17/89  West Carrollton
Melissa Salyers To Ronald Smith
4/29/89 Moraine - now divorced
Melissa Salyers To Mitchell Alan Mullins
12/31/98  Moraine-still going strong
Jeff Baber To Gretchen Petersime '88
08/29/88 Dayton
Melissa Lawson To Donald Barcy Jr
Melissa Lawson To Michael Collett
Robyn Dillow To Mark Dormire
8/6/94 Dayton, OH

This page was last updated on: June 13, 2018
Sharlene Merker To Jeff Sizer '85
Bob Peterson To Toni Daugherty
8/26/95  Kettering, OH
Tonya Wittman To Robert Bailey
9/96  Holy Trinity - Dayton
Shane Paul To Sylvia Nelson
5/2/98  Cincinnati, OH Reside in Phila, PA w/ 3 children
Jennifer Taday To Bill Thomas
8/14/03 St. Michaels, MD
Donna (David) Duncan To Chris Ferra
12/31/06 Vermont
Sharlene Merker To To Ricky Nave '88
11/28/07  Gatlinburg, TN
Rachel Campbell To Rick Kopfler
9/7/97  Dayton, OH
Bill Hudson To Kim McDonald
Debbie Stidham To James Jordan '83
02/15/97  Tennessee
Rick Bayne To Penny Osborne
8/15/03 Mason OH

Carol Goforth To Fred Bryant
Melissa Coleman '92 To Chris Coleman
7/6/96 West Carrollton
Maenoda Fisher '91 To Jeff Thacker
1/2/93 Dayton
Michelle Willis '92 To Steve Burchett
10/12/98 Miamisburg
Rita Kay To Roger Knox
6/14/97 Kettering
Sharon Campbell To Richard Fitzwater
6/28/97  Carrillon Park-Dayton, OH
Missy Caton To Steve Wittman '85
12/04/92 Miamisburg
Becky Pyles To Jim Gaskill
7/1/95  Miamisburg, OH
Rory Barr To Roman Buss
06/09/95  Denmark
Ricky Nave To Sharlene Merker  '87
11/28/07  Gatlinburg, TN
Gretchen Petersime To Jeff Baber '86
8/29/88  Dayton
Trisa Thaler To Ricky Nave
09/20/08  West Virginia
Robert Zimmer To Melissa Barnes '85
10/29/93  Miamisburg, OH
Terry Fleenor To Tonya Ingram
5/29/99 Moraine City Baptist Church

Christopher Hoffman To Julie Rabe
10/20/01 West Carrollton-Memorial United Methodist
Holli Langford '91 To Blaine Spencer
04/22/95  West Carrollton
Terry Fleenor To Tonya Ingram
Tionna Leach To Jason Bell
1994 Columbus, OH
Wendy Fields To Jeff Andrews '86
10/5/96 Gatlinburg, TN
Leslie Brinegar To Rich Layton
12/18/93  West Carrollton
H. Maria Nilsson To William Whetsel
5/1/01 Cincinnati, OH
Lara McKinley To Chris Page '86
6/10/95 Dayton-St Henry
Jenny Bruce To Trent Garth
12/17/94 Zion Lutheran Miami Twp, OH
Carmella Taylor '90 To Larry Wilbur
9/4/93  Miamisburg Assembly of God
Shellie Hudson To Theodore Arndts
12/9/93  Miamisburg, OH

Michelle Frazer to Steven Horton
5/24/02  Benham's Grove - Centerville
Holly Ketring To Chad Chansler
11/15/03  Gatlinburg, TN Looking forward to next reunion
Carmella Taylor To Larry Wilbur '89
9/4/93  Miamisburg Assembly of God
Sondra Templin To Michael Harlow
Chris Dahlinghaus To Nikki Chessman '93
09/02  Cox Arboretum

Debra DeVilbiss To Charles Risinger
7/2/01 Lake Texoma, OK
Danielle Durham To Andrew Przyborowski
9/18/99 West Carrollton
Maenoda Fisher 'To Jeff Thacker '88
1/2/93 Dayton
Holli Langford To Blaine Spencer '89
04/22/95 West Carrollton
Andrea Baber To Vern Smith
12/11/93  Dayton
Janell Parrett To James Walters '92
4/10/93  Dayton, OH
Phi-Van Pham To Robert Cherry
7/1/99 Dayton
Debra DeVilbiss To Kevin Jeffries
5/30/04  Weatherford, TX
Craig McKernan To Amanda Thayer '96

Melissa Coleman To Chris Hall '88
7/6/96 West Carrollton
Michelle Willis To Steve Burchett '88
10/12/98 Miamisburg
Angela Green To Scott LaFeir
10/14/95 St Henry Parish
Keith Tilton To Amanda Bangert '97
4/21/2001  Miamisburg, OH
James Walters To Janell Parrett '91
4/10/93  Dayton, OH
Christine Erisman To Ryan Dorow
10/05/96  Kettering, OH
Emily Centers To Jeff Tyre
12/30/05  Dayton, OH

Marc Frazer To Amy Lyons
5/23/98  Columbus, OH
Nikki Chessman To Chris Dahlinghaus '90
09/02 Cox Arboretum

Jessica Aregood To Mitch Smith '86
2/17/96 West Carrollton
Brandy Hudson To Jon Curran
8/18/01  Middletown, OH
Kelly York '95 To Brian Elrod
3/2/96  West Carrollton
Kelly Brahm 'To Justin Buehler  '95
4/17/99 Memorial Methodist, West Carrollton
Tom Combs To Kristin Williams '99
5/19/01 Bellbrook Kelley Williams, Lesley Horner & Wade Fields-the wedding party.
Stacy Jackowski To Michael Mader
1/24/04 Kettering, OH
Shannon Durham To Anthony Pinson
9/21/96  West Carrollton, OH
Robert Large To Stacy Spencer '97
08/12/00  Miamisburg, OH
Lori Lawson To Jeffrey Butts
12/11/99  Bethany Baptist
Laura Agee To John Caldwell
4/10/03  Miamisburg, OH

Kelly York To Brian Elrod '94
3/2/96 West Carrollton
Sara-Beth Long To Ryan Moore
6/5/99 Miamisburg
Kelly Brahm '94 To Justin Buehler 
4/17/99 Memorial Methodist, West Carrollton
Steve Nguyen To Kimberly Sindt
8/3/03 Minneapolis, MN
Jeremy Branham to Kelli Boyer
6/22/02 Germantown, OH
Erica Haacke To Steven Marsden
3/31/01  Kettering, OH
Kelley Williams To  Russell Doyle
9/24/05  Columbus, OH
Mark Knorr TO Tosha Bridenbaugh '97
10/21/00  Oakwood, OH

Rachel Dishman To Jonathan Matthews
6/21/97  Centerville
Jennifer Long To Lee Allen II
4/22/00 Miamisburg
Lesley Ingram To Kent Owens '86
11/29/96 Gatlinburg, TN
Amy Collins To Andrew Smith 
9/18/99 Miamisburg  - Living in Springboro
Travis Frye To Jami Moore
12/20/2000 Charleston, WV
Shawn Nichols To Andrea Dondero '97
10/6/01  West Carrollton
Michael Edmondson To Amy Crihfield
5/13/06  Dayton, OH
Jeana Childers To Scott Campbell
7/20/08 Beavercreek Nazarene
Colleen Kopytek To Travis Green
7/20/02  Columbus, OH
Amanda Thayer To Craig McKernan '91
Andrea Johnson To Ronald Zufelt
10/16/10  Toledo, OH

Jennifer Henderson To Christopher Hinch
9/9/00  Moraine, OH
Kathy Chapman To Joe Huelsman
4/28/01  Bellbrook, OH
Amanda Bangert To Keith Tilton '92
4/21/01 Miamisburg, OH
Andrea Dondero To Shawn Nichols '96
10/6/01  West Carrollton
Nicole Smith To Anthony Lienau
9/18/04 Hyatt Regency Resort Huntington Bch, CA  Stephanie Tolle Corbitt '97,Matron of Honor, Greg Smith '00, User and Jim Corbitt '97 & Sarah Rissmiller '97 attending
Tosha Bridenbaugh To Mark Knorr '95
10/21/00 Oakwood, OH
Stacy Spencer To Robert Large '94
08/12/00  Miamisburg, OH
Heather Sage To Kenneth Amato

Douglas (Watson) McLaughlin To Jessica Glassey
7/5/03 Pigeon Forge, TN
Mandy Read To Brian Knott
8/14/05 Centerville, OH
David Zeller To Amanda Neal '99
6/30/01 Dayton, OH
Melissa Nels To Justin Chrisman
11/26/05  Beavercreek, OH
Josh Duncan To Alison Ruff
12/2/05  Centerville, OH
Joey Black TO Matt Gagel
3/23/02 UMC West Carrollton, OH
Mindy Neely To David Crafton
6/24/06 Cox Arboretum
Michelle Collins To Thomas Lehmann
6/9/01  Dayton, Oh
Hope (Melissa) Hall To Brian Harkey
3/12/04 Jacksonville, FL
Clifford "Paul" Dixon To Candace Frye '99
07/23/99  Miamisburg, OH

Kristin Williams To Tom Combs '94
5/19/01 Bellbrook Kelley Williams, Lesley Horner & Wade Fields-the wedding party.
Danielle Schaffner To Bobby Shirey
04/14/01  Memorial United Methodist
Amanda Neal To David Zeller '98
06/30/01  Dayton, OH
Joe Milling To Mary Beth Taylor
7/23/05 St Ignatious Cincinnati, OH  Hamilton Harper '99, Best Man, Ushers-Scott Milling '00, Danny Milling '02 Carrroll
Ashley Hawkins To Scott Oda '00
7/24/04 Dayton, OH
Larissa Rigg To T.J. Jaynes
09/04/04 Germantown, OH Groomsmen Charlie Jaynes '01,Jeremy Staley '00,Bill Pryor '01, Scott Oda '00, Nick Angelo '00, Josh Rigg '05- Bridesmaids Kelly Shields '99, Tonya Sparks '00, Ashley Hawkins '99, Michelle Rinehart '01
Shayna Groves To Brandon Thornsbury
7/26/08 Myrtle Beach, SC Married on a beautiful wedding weekend at the beach-surrounded by family and friends. Special thanks to Ashley Thayer for being the best bridesmaid ever and always being there.
Candace Frye To Clifford "Paul" Dixon '98
7/23/99 Miamisburg, OH
Candice Hasty To Jason Miller
Colleen Hasty To Jason Barnett

Brian Johnson To Ashely Sizemore '02
5/12/01  Huber Heights, OH
Jamey Combs To Christie Law '03
5/13/05  Montego Bay, Jamaica
Scott Oda To Ashley Hawkins ''99
7/24/04 Dayton, OH
Candice Deeter To Josh Teague '02
6/25/05  West Carrollton, OH
Andrew Sparks To Sonya Akins '02
10/20/07 Centerville, OH
Megan Guess To Ronnie Mosley
8/2/03 Kettering, OH
Jeremy Lilly To Heather Blackburn '03
04/16/05  Memorial UMC West Carrollton

Missy Krowialis To Todd Pemberton
4/28/02 WC Nazarene Church -Sweethearts since 10th grade - a match made in heaven.
Felicia Banks To Stephen Kirby 
6/11/05  First Baptist
Heather Barnhart To Ryan Kruse
07/02/05  Benhams Grove
Sara Bishop To Stephen Allen  Larrick
7/22/06 Moraine First Church of God - Stephen is 2001 grad of Wilmington High School
Molly Brockman To Harlan Knox
2/22/05  Xenia, OH
Jordan Begely To Ashley Stewart
6/7/08  Siesta Key
Kim Dill To Jason Mahaffey
10/25/08  Miamisburg, OH
Ron Calligan To Ellen Stauffer
Carla Morgan To Charles Scurlock
10/31/07  Miamisburg, OH
Jennifer Shirley To Christopher Lanham
10/11/03  Patterson Homestead, Dayton, OH

Ashley Sizemore To Brian Johnson '00
5/12/01 Huber Heights, OH
Brian Dixon To Katrina Nowlin '04
7/9/05 Marysville, OH  Sweethearts since 2000
Mallory Barnes To Christopher O'Brien
10/21/06  Trinity UMC  High school sweethearts
Brandi Flynn To Steve Osborne
10/6/07 Gatlinburg, TN
Josh Teague To Candice Deeter '00
6/25/05  West Carrollton, OH
Sonya Akins To Andrew Sparks '00
10/20/07 Centerville, OH
Leslie Dahlinghaus To Matt Keplinger
Matthew Rose To Rachel Bogan
5/17/08  Middletown, OH
April Daum To Andrew Keister
08/01/06  Germantown, OH

Christie Law To Jamey Combs '00
5/13/05  Montego Bay, Jamaica
Mollie Worden To Aaron Osborne
8/3/02 Higher Ground UMC  Dayton, OH
Rusty Lovell To Ashley Pierce '05
5/10/08  Centerville, OH
Danielle Pierce To Michael Vanskoyck
11/8/04  Dayton, OH
Heather Blackburn To Jeremy Lilly '00
4/16/05  Memorial UMC Wets Carrollton
Rebecca Bussard To Matt Bledsoe
5/14/11  Carlisle, OH

Katrina Nowlin To Brian Dixon '02
7/9/05 Marysville, OH

Brandi Osborne Flynn
10/6/07  Gatlinburg, TN
Ashley Pierce To Rusty Lovell '03
5/10/08  Centerville, OH

Jennifer To Barry Purcell
May-June 06  Gatlinburg, TN

Christopher Spencer To Kelli Whitesel
7/7/17 Gatlinburg, TN
Sherry Eaton To Keith Haney
6/10/11  Kettering, OH

Kyle Kittel To Jaislinn Schaffner '12
3/9/13 West Carrollton, OH

Jaislinn Schaffner To Kyle Kittel '11
3/9/13 West Carrollton, OH

Trevor Shockey To Alyssa Combs '15

Alyssa Combs To Trevor Shockey '14